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Offence of Kidnapping: the case of Nigeria

Kidnapping in Nigeria is a powerful weapon against communities and the development and security of the State. Chidimma Umegoa, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, explains -first hand- the dynamics of kidnapping and how to put an end to it. Full tittle: Offence of Kidnapping: A Counter to National Security and Development.


The adverse effects of kidnapping in the country have become worrisome to the Nigerian state as well as the global community. The study examines the offence of kidnapping as an impediment to sustainable national development and security. The offence of kidnapping was critically analyzed under the laws applicable in the country as well as its punishment considerations, particularly the issues bordering on the legality of death penalty. The research explored the factors giving rise to kidnapping and its implications to national development. The methodology is doctrinal with primary and secondary sources on Law and Political Science.

The research found that despite the law making institution’s effort towards a stringent punishment for this offence, it has nonetheless degenerated to virtually all parts of the country and has even graduated to an act of terrorism.

The study recommends majorly for the imposition and implementation of stricter penalties, imposition of death penalties only in cases resulting in the death of any person, fair distribution of resources and diversification of the economy among others.

Keywords: Kidnapping, National Security, Development

Suggested Citation:

Umego, Chidimma, Offence of Kidnapping: A Counter to National Security and Development (February 19, 2019). Available at SSRN: or


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