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Meet The Board of Experts

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Dr. Patricia Pazos Durán,



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Director and Founder,

Talking About Terrorism,

Washington DC.

Areas of expertise: Europe, EU, terrorism, cyberterrorism and transatlantic relations.

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Dr. Donna Starr-Deelen

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Adjunct Professor, University of Baltimore School of Law.

 Senior Associate, Global Security & Disaster Management Ltd.

Areas of Expertise: US, terrorism, counter-terrorism.

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Jean-Claude Abeck

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Director, Africa Center for Strategic Progress, Washington DC.

Air Transport Specialist, United States Air Force. 

Areas of Expertise: Africa, Security, US, terrorism. 

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Peter Cephas Dahabreh

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Graduate Harvard University.

Master in International Relations, Harvard University.

Areas of Expertise: Terrorism, ISIS, International Law International Affairs.


Chiangi Aondona

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Attorney, Barrister, and Solicitor of the

Supreme Court of Nigeria. 

 Expert in conflict management.


Areas of Expertise: International Law, Terrorism, Boko Haram, Security in Africa.

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Dr. Shubhra Sanyal

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Professor and Former Senior Reader (NICFS Institute of Criminology and Forensic Science,  Delhi).

Independent Researcher.

Areas of Expertise: Terrorism, Human Rights, India.


Dr. Vincent-Joel Proulx

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Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore.


Areas of Expertise: International Dispute Settlement, Counter-terrorism and National Security,  International Organizations, Cyberspace Law. 

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Dr. Paloma González- Gómez del Miño

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Director, International Affairs Department, Political Science School, Complutense of Madrid University. Professor of International Affairs.


Areas of Expertise: EU- MENA Relations, Terrorism, Political Islam.

Assistant Researchers

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Jack Ryan

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Assistant Researcher

MSc in Defence, Diplomacy and Development, Durham University

Areas of Expertise: Terrorism, Defense, Afghanistan, North Africa.


Jake Grinyer

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Master in Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Manchester.


Areas of expertise: Terrorism, Europe, Philippines, Conflict Analysis 


Marina Cortes

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Assistant Researcher

B.A International Relations,

Deusto University

Areas of Expertise: Terrorism, Security, Defence, Europe.

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Kristen Morris

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Assistant Researcher

B.A. International Relations, 

Rhodes College

Areas of expertise: Terrorism, Migration, Conflict Analysis, Africa. 


Becs Hill

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Assistant Researcher

MA in Risk, Security and Politics, Durham University (current)

B.A Geography, University of Birmingham (UK) 

Areas of Expertise: Terrorism, Security, Europe, The Middle East, Cyber Terrorism.


Jenson Hu

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Assistant Researcher

B.A. Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles

Areas of Expertise: International Relations, US-China Relations, Russia, Political Risk Analysis, Counterterrorism. 

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