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Top Global Cyberattacks: 2010-2020

A compilation of the most important cyber attacks and cyber terrorism attacks in the last decade. By Kristen Morris, Researcher at Talking About Terrorism


Cyberterrorism can be defined in various ways:

  • NATO defines cyberterrorism as “a computer-based attack meant to coerce government or societies in pursuit of goals that are political, religious, or ideological.”

  • The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training defines cyberterrorism as involving “the use of computers and/or related technology with the intention of causing harm or damage, in order to coerce a civilian population and influence policy of target government or otherwise affect its conduct.” This definition goes further by claiming cyberterrorism is cyber crime that targets “critical infrastructure.”

  • The United Nations’ definition of cyberterrorism includes “the use of social media and the dark web to coordinate attacks, spread propaganda and recruit new followers.”

Continue reading and download the full report here:

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